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About Me:

My name is Katelyn Jones. 

I'm the founder of Kate Decor, Interior Decorating,

Kitchen/Bath Remodels, & Custom Home Design. 

Now offering a Free 30 Min Call to discuss your project details, and go over what's included in the different consultations. 


Perfect for those ready to find a Decorator to help them take their space to the next level, or build it from scratch. 


Interior Design is good medicine that can help you live your best life.

If you're looking around & your house doesn't feel like a home... 

just book a free call. I've got my Jasmine Rose tea & I'm ready to talk!

" Let's talk space definition, color, & stylization

to design your dream home.

Home is where you can truly be yourself and be free

I want you to love your space, not just like it. " -Katelyn

Interior Design Styles:

What is your style: Traditional, Transitional, Modern, MidCentury, MinimalistJapanesque,

Hollywood Glam, Industrial ModernCalifornia Boho, Modern Farmhouse,

Eclectic-Mix of Stylesor something totally different?

Can't wait to hear how you describe it! 

Interior Design Consultations & Pricing:

10% off for the "Home Sweet Home" special.

**New** Entire Home Remodel or

Custom Home Interior Selections Consult- $1,000- now $900 

Furniture Consult- Living, Bedroom, or Office- $750 now $675

Kitchen Remodel Consult - $500- now $450

Bath Remodel Consult - $500- now $450

Paint Color or Flooring Consult - $250- now $225


Thank you everyone for your support...

Sending you all positive thoughts of inner peace & happiness.

Can't wait to help you design your dream space. : ]

Sincerely, Katelyn