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Hello, & Welcome to Kate Decor!

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

About Me


My name is Katelyn Jones, and I’m the founder of Kate Decor, Interior Decorating, Kitchen/Bath Remodels, & Custom Home Design.

I recently worked at a tile & flooring company for nearly 2 years, where I had over 850 projects & nearly $2.8Million in sales. The portfolio work on my site features 50 Bath Remodels & 30 Custom Home Designs. Please feel free to check it out! You'll see many different styles, and get an idea of my work. Every design was customized along with the homeowners, so they are very unique. Looking forward to working with you, and so glad you found my blog. :]

Previous Paint Store Manager for 7 years, with a Bachelor's Degree & Interior Decorating Certification. I'm from Abilene, TX & currently live in Fort Worth, TX. If you don't find me obsessing about one of my latest bath designs or custom home designs... you can typically find me out and about discovering all that is Fort Worth. The Trinity trails are amazing, Kimbell & Modern Museums, and Press Cafe is probably my favorite restaurant. If you haven't been to the Japanese Garden in the Botanical Garden in awhile, well worth another visit. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and welcome. Let you know a little bit about my background, and can't wait to hear your story as well. : ]

Looking to take on new clients in Fort Worth, Dallas, Frisco, Mckinney, Austin, Abilene, & surrounding areas in DFW. Now offering a free 30 min phone consultation, along with different design consultations to help clients design their dream spaces.

You can use the "Book Now" tool to schedule your Interior Design Consultation :

*Custom Home Design

*Entire Home Remodel

*Bath Remodel

*Kitchen Remodel

*One-Room Furniture Design- Living/Bedroom/Office

*Closet Design

*Paint Selections

*Flooring Selections

Open M-F 9-6pm central. I work from home, but you can schedule your consult at your home or at a Design Showroom. I use Floor & Decor off Hulen typically for a good meeting place, and also Sherwin Williams off Camp Bowie. Otherwise it might be held In-Home or at a different Showroom depending on what items you are needing. The suggested meeting place is already set in the consult "Book Now" option, but we can easily change that... just call me.

The next few blogs will describe "What's Included" with each Design Consult in further detail. There will also be upcoming Podcast episodes as well so check out that page too.

"Let's talk space definition, color, & stylization to design your dream home. Home is where you can truly be yourself and be free. I want you to love your space, not just like it."



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