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Bath Remodel Consultation

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Bathroom Remodel Process & Info

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, the “Bath Remodel Consult” is for you. You’ll just book your free 30 min consult to discuss your project, and then book the Bath Remodel Consult at a time convenient for you to meet at a tile & flooring store to do the actual consult.

We can meet at the tile & flooring store to do a walk through & pick out samples if you are in the Fort Worth area. If not, I’ll make suggestions and show you 3 options over a zoom call.

Most clients can somewhat visualize with samples, and start to get excited when they see them all together. :) I’ve found that utilizing a visualizer tool & 3D design software is a really great way to see it all come to life as well.

I’ve done about 100 bath remodels in the last year n a half through the same tile & flooring company I source from now, and clients love the easy & fun process to finding their dream bathroom design. They have stores all over the country so it’s easy to build a quote out from a location near you.

I’ve created a “Moodboard Look Book”, along with a “Bath Remodel Portfolio” to show about 50 designs to get you inspired. It shows the different style types, so when we discuss your style it’s easy to see which category you fit into generally. It’s interesting to see how each client still has a unique design when all is said and done though. :)

I’ve included 5 Example “Bath Remodel Consult” designs below with final photos so you can really see exactly what you’ll be getting better. These clients were so in love with their unique designs, and very happy with the overall results. Between the initial design consult, style discussion, selecting samples, to seeing the design come to life with the moodboard and 3D design rendering software….these clients really had a great experience designing their dream bathrooms.

"Bath Remodel Consultation"

What's Included?

What's Included:

-1 Room- Bathroom Remodel

-30 Min. Phone Consult- Project Overview, Current pics, Inspiration pics

-2 hour Consult Meeting at a Tile/Flooring Store **or Zoom call showing 3 Options

-Style Discussion- Traditional, Rustic, Transitional, Boho Earthy, Modern, Modern Classic, Modern Glam, Eclectic Mix, Black & White, Dark & Moody, etc.

-Selections- Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Accent, Floor, Trim, Grout, Mirrors, Lighting, Vanity, Paint Colors


-Materials Quote


-Visualizer Renderings

5 Project Examples

Project 1 Example:

Angie’s Master Bath Remodel - Contemporary Stone Look

Project Cost- About $2,000 Materials

Project 2 Example:

Paula’s Master Bath Remodel- Lavender Marble

Project Cost- About $2,000 Materials

Project 3 Example:

Patrick & Tiffany’s Anniversary Present Master Bath Remodel- Modern Marble Look

Project Cost- About $2,000 Materials

Project 4 Example:

Cynthia’s Girly Guest Bath Remodel- Girly Chic, Blush Pink & Lavender

Project Cost- About $2,000 Materials

Project 5 Example:

Betty’s Master Bath Remodel- Modern Glam

Project Cost- About $2,000 Materials

Please feel free to book your free 30 min consult to get started.

Looking forward to working with you!

Thank you & hope to talk soon,

Katelyn Jones

Interior Decorator & Owner

Kate Decor

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