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Bath Remodel Consultation

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Bath Remodel Consultation

In General- "What's Included?"

(Overview of Time & Meetings Breakdown at Bottom of Page)

What's Included in the Kate Decor Bath Remodel Consult : $3,600

• 30 Min. Phone Consult

• 2H In-Showroom Consult & 2H Follow Up Consult

• 10 Days Designer Time

• Selections- Shower Walls & Flooring, Accent, Trim, Grout, Mirrors, Lighting, Vanity, Tub, Paint Colors, etc.

• Mood Board & Free Samples of Tile Selections

• 3D Design Renderings & Review Changes

• Materials Shopping List Quote

• Final Professional Photos : )

Bathroom Remodel Consultation

Info & Introduction

Hello friend,

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, the “Bath Remodel Consult” is for you. You’ll just book your free 30 min consult to discuss your project, and then book the Bath Remodel Consult at a time convenient for you to meet at a tile & flooring store to do the actual consult.

I prefer to use Floor & Decor (Hulen or your local F&D) to do a walk through & pick out samples. Previously worked there for nearly 2 years, and I've found they have amazing products & in-stock job quantities. Ordering is also easy & typically fast. We will go to other Showrooms for tubs, & hardware, fixtures, etc. If you want specialty accent tile, or don't quite find what you are dreaming of.. I can shop & suggest after our first initial meeting.

Most clients can somewhat visualize with samples, and start to get excited when they see them all together. :) I’ve found that utilizing a visualizer tool & 3D design software is a really great way to see the design come to life. I might use F&D's Visualizer or Home Designer Pro to give a more detailed 2D & 3D rendering.

I’ve done way over 100 bath remodels in the last few years through the same tile & flooring company I source from now, and clients love the easy & fun process to finding their dream bathroom design. They have stores all over the country so it’s easy to build a quote out from a location near you.

I’ve created a “Moodboard Look Book”, along with a “Bath Remodel Portfolio” to show about 50 designs to get you inspired. It shows the different style types, so when we discuss your style it’s easy to see which category you fit into generally. It’s interesting to see how each client still has a unique design when all is said and done though.

I’ve included 5 Example “Bath Remodel Consult” designs below with final photos so you can really see what you’ll be getting better. These clients were so in love with their unique designs, and very happy with the overall results. Between the initial design consult, style discussion, selecting samples, to seeing the design come to life with the moodboard and 3D design rendering software….these clients really had a great experience designing their dream bathrooms.

Bath Remodel Consultation

5 Project Examples

Project 1 Example:

Angie’s Master Bath Remodel - Contemporary Stone Look

Project Cost- About $3,000 Materials

Project 2 Example:

Paula’s Master Bath Remodel- Lavender Marble

Project Cost- About $3,000 Materials

Project 3 Example:

Patrick & Tiffany’s Anniversary Present Master Bath Remodel- Modern Marble Look

Project Cost- About $3,000 Materials

Project 4 Example:

Cynthia’s Girly Guest Bath Remodel- Girly Chic, Blush Pink & Lavender

Project Cost- About $3,000 Materials

Project 5 Example:

Betty’s Master Bath Remodel- Modern Glam

Project Cost- About $3,000 Materials

Bath Remodel Consultation

Overview of Time & Meetings

Please feel free to book your free 30 min consult to get started!! Can't wait!

This package has turned into a full 10day Designer time Consult per Clients requesting additional services! This way we cover everything from start to finish.

Overview of Time :

*80H (10 days) Designer Time for Entire Process :

2 Hour Initial Meeting at F&D

2 Hour In-Home Selections Review & Measuring

Email- (70 Hour Designer Work Time)

2 Hour 2nd Meeting at F&D

2 Hour Meeting Install Day

2 Hour Final Walk-through + Professional Photographer

Bath Remodel Consultation

Meetings & Process Breakdown


*2 hour Initial Consult Meeting at a Tile/Flooring Store

-Project Overview & Style Discussion

-Review Current Photos & Inspiration Photos

-Review Floorpan if ya have one

-Selections: Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Accent, Floor, Trim, Grout, Mirrors,

Lighting, Vanity, Paint Colors

-Sample Selections- 1 Each Free

*2 Hour In-Home Meeting

-Measuring if needed for Renderings

-Look at Samples in Lighting

Email (70H Designer Time)


-Visualizer Renderings

-Materials Quote, Materials not included.. this is Design only

-Covers Designer time in-between entire project start-finish

-No discounts if it's less time, no extra charges if it's more time

-10% off already included in the pricing for the Autumn Special :)

*2 hour Follow up Meeting at F&D

-Review Renderings

-Any Changes made

- Materials are Purchased through F&D, Pro Dept & Command Center available for ordering/tracking/adding delivery charges/etc.

-You'll research Pro's, and I can give you a few References

*2 hour In-Home Meeting Install Day

-Ensure Products arrive good, get F&D involved if not

-Discuss with Pro, label items, ensure correct grout color, joint width, schluter, etc.

*2 hour Final Walk-though & Meet Photographer

-Final Walk-through

-Not liable for Pro's work, but can help discuss any issues with Pro's/F&D

-Professional Photographer will take several pictures & email us the link!

-Photography Service included with Consult

Please feel free to book your free 30 min consult to get started!!

Can't wait to hear all about you & your project. :]

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you & talk soon,

Katelyn Jones

Interior Decorator & Owner

Kate Decor

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